PTA Exec. Board

2017-2018 Falcon Cove PTA Executive Board


We are proud to serve as the Falcon Cove’s 2017-2018 PTA Executive board.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.  We are here to help make our school an even BETTER place for our children to thrive.

Colleen Laurent

Vice Presidents:
Vp of Volunteers-
Katherine Dunbar, Katherine Scheiner, DamarisRattner and Susan Lane

VPs of Fundraising – Abbie Bouvier, Ruby Bravo & Charlene Cahen

Vp of Membership – Rabbit Chan-A-Sue

VP Community Relations – Lucero Cano


Treasurer Laura Decker
Recording Secretary- Connie Tedeschi
Corresponding Secretary Denise Krivitzkkin